The list below offers a glance at many known areas connected to your chosen area of concentration. This is not a comprehensive list, as careers are developing and changing every day. In addition to the career areas below where your practical skills may be applied, do not discount the creative thinking skills that you have gained in combination with your rich background in liberal arts.

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Examples of creative thinking skills applied in the professional world



Better World by Design

Index: Design to Improve Life

Graphic Design Career Areas

User Interface Design

Branding/Identity Design

Advertising Design

Web Design/Web Development

Mobile Application Design

Package Design

User Experience Design

Interactive Design

Multimedia Design

Interaction Design

Creative Director / Art Director

Book Design

Digital Strategist

Marketing Specialist

Public Relations / Communications


Illustration Career Areas

Graphic Novels

Comic Book Artist

Children’s Book Illustration

Editorial Illustration

Forensic Artist

Medical Illustration

Courtroom Illustration

Fashion Illustration

Film Storyboarding

Political Cartoonist

Freelance Illustrator