Internship Criteria + Resources

Graphic Design + Illustration Internship Criteria + Checklist

– Identify a potential internship (see tips below) for 150 hours over the course of the semester. You may complete two internships for department credit.

– Find out from your advisor if the internship meets department criteria (must be on-site most of the time, for graphic design internships you must have an on-site supervisor who is a professional graphic designer who can mentor you, must be a reputable business)

– Secure your internship with a stellar resumé and interview (and any other required materials)

– Fill out the confirmation_form (turn this into your advisor for final approval). Obtain the description from your on-site supervisor.

– Register for the course, Arts 495 with the registrar.

– Keep an Internship_Hourly_Log

At Mid-Term
– Arrange a date with your faculty advisor to check in with your supervisor. You may be asked to complete a self-evaluation at this time.

At the end of your internship:
– Have your supervisor fill out a final Internship_Evaluation_Form
– Complete a End-of-Term Self_Evaluation_Form

Advice for Getting Started in Your Search for an Internship

AIGA Guide to Internships

Vitamin Talent (a great place to look for information on resumes and job searches!)

Resume and Cover Letter Resources and Samples


resume writing

Process and Tips for Obtaining an Internship
Begin searching and applying for your internship at least 4–5 months ahead of time. (Jan/Feb for Summer, May/June for Fall, Oct/Nov for Spring). We will provide the guidelines and many resources for you, however, you are responsible for finding and securing your own internship.

Prepare your Resumé and Cover Letter, Visit Career Services
Contact Career Services for help with the content of your resume and to discuss internship opportunities:
4th floor, room 412 of the McCarthy Center
Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Phone: 508-626-4625

Network! Begin Making Contacts and Connections
Start with the organizations listed on the Listings page of this website and the listings through career services. Call any contacts that may be able to help you, let everyone know you are looking for an internship.

Contact potential employers to find out if they are hiring for an internship position. Find out what materials you will need to apply (is a portfolio required?) and find out what qualifications you will need for the position.

Send Your Materials and Secure an Internship
Make sure to apply to several companies and to follow up with a phone call (unless the application says ‘no calls please’).

Complete List of Internship Forms